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Go behind the scenes of "The Mistletoe Promise" with stars Jaime King and Luke Macfarlane.

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The Mistletoe Promise Premieres Saturday, November 5th on Hallmark Channel

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Matthew Rhys & Keri Russell attend the Center For Communication Luncheon at Grand Ballroom at the Pierre Hotel on September 29, 2016 in New York City.
Honoring John Landgraf, CEO FX Network & FX Productions with the Frank Stanton Award for Excellence in Communication.

Also pictured: John Landgraf, actor Louis CK (Louie), actress Pamela Adlon (Louie), Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields.

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Sources: Getty, Center For Communication, Yahoo
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Mercy Street Season 2 Official Teaser Trailer - PBS
Stakes heighten as the war pushes the drama beyond Mansion House Hospital in Season 2 of Mercy Street. Premieres January 22, 2017

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Portraits From the FX & Vanity Fair Primetime Emmy Nominee Party By Justin Bishop

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15 September 2016 @ 06:02 pm
Matthew Rhys on His World War II Film, His Dream Ending for The Americans, and What He Learned on The Wine Show (Not Much)
By Jackson McHenry - September 14, 2016

In the last few months, Matthew Rhys seems to be everywhere, in a literal, geographic sense. He’s a Scottish captain Christian Carion’s Come What May, a drama set during the invasion of France in World War II; he’s an undercover Russian spy in The Americans; and he’s touring the world’s vineyards on The Wine Show with his friend Matthew Goode. When reached over the phone just outside his house in Brooklyn (the cell reception inside is terrible), the Welsh actor deferred any congratulations on his ubiquity, or his recent Emmy nomination, with practiced self-deprecation. He’d much rather talk about learning to play the bagpipes, why he’s happy The Americans will wrap up after two more seasons, and dreading the “hideous” spectacle that is the Emmys ceremony.

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Cast Announced For Rock Paper Dead Directed By Tom Holland
By Kelli Marchman McNeely on September 3, 2016

We have been following the development of the horror thriller ‘Rock Paper Dead’, from co-writers/producers Victor Miller (Friday the 13th) and Kerry Fleming (Something’s on the Roof), for quite some time now. The cast has now been announced.

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07 September 2016 @ 09:07 pm
Behind The Scenes With Luke Macfarlane & Hannah John-Kamen

killjoys We're kind of excited for the season finale of #killjoys tonight.(September 2, 2016)

Fun Facts Ep 2.08 Full Metal Monk: While filming the sequence from inside the cube for this episode, Hannah and Luke took 5 to dance in it to Hotline Bling because the set looked so similar it inspired a dance party.

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Killjoys Fun Facts - 2.10 How To Kill Friends And Influence People - Season Finale

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1 - The leader of the pack of Black Root officers that come aboard Lucy is the same one who was after Khlyen in the season opener.

2 - This episode has the most visual effects of all the episodes in the entire series to date, which includes Johnny and Lucy’s incredible spaceship dogfight!

3 - Sarafin is played by Rick Howland who appeared in all five seasons of the Syfy series,Lost Girl, which was another creation of Killjoys creator, Michelle Lovrettta.

4 - On set Lucy was voiced by writer’s assistant, Lisa Rose Snow, during the goodbye scene with Johnny. And there were several wet eyes in video village during the scene when Johnny and Lucy say goodbye.

5 - The tree in Aneela’s vault was built by the production design team who sourced dozens of large trees to create one, giant, beautiful trunk.

6 - Pree’s makeup was red in honour of Pawter "Red" Simms.

7 - There were two gallons of the green plasma in the base of the tree.

8 - Hannah did the entire Archive action sequence in her heels!

9 - The cast had a tearful and heartfelt goodbye with Rob Stewart as we all said farewell to Khlyen.

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Killjoys Recap - 2.10 How To Kill Friends And Influence People - Season Finale

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Episode 2.10 : How To Kill Friends And Influence People
Season Finale

The Killjoys and an old enemy join forces in a desperate bid to thwart Level Six's plan's for The Quad.

Peter Stebbings

Michelle Lovretta & Jeremy Boxen

Main Cast
Luke Macfarlane as D'Avin Jaqobis
Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch
Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis

Regular Cast
Thom Allison as Pree
Morgan Kelly as Alvis Akari
Tamsen McDonough as Lucy's voice
Sarah Power as Dr Pawter Simms
Sean Baek as Fancy Lee
Nora McLellan as Bellus Haard

Additional Cast
Ava Laferriere as Young Yala

Special Guest
Rob Stewart as Khlyen
Rick Howland as Sarafin
Mayko Nguyen as Delle Saya Kendry

Episode Premiere
September 2, 2016
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Luke Macfarlane, Tatum O’Neal, Michael Madsen And Others Join Tom Holland’s ‘Rock Paper Dead’
By Anita Busch - September 1, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Madsen, Tatum O’Neal, Jennifer Titus and Luke Macfarlane have joined the cast of Tom Holland’s horror film Rock Paper Dead, which follows a serial killer’s return to his family estate after being released from a mental hospital supposedly a “cured” man. The film gets underway this month for release next year.

The film — which culls together a crew who are legendary in the genre including Vincent Guastini (Requiem for a Dream), Victor Miller (Friday the 13th) and composer Harry Manfredini — also stars Anna Margaret (Scream Queens), Maureen McCormick (The Brady Bunch) and Gabriel Stone (Death House).

Macfarlane will play the lead as reformed serial killer Peter “The Doll Maker” Harris, Titus will play Ashley Grant, with Madsen as Detective Doyle Deckert and O’Neal as Dr. Evelyn Bauer.

Synopsis: Serial killer, Peter “The Doll Maker” Harris, returns to his ancestral family estate after being released from the state’s hospital for the criminally insane after twenty years – a “cured” man. Once inside the old house, anguished memories from a tortured childhood and visitations from past victims shake Peter’s resolve, but it isn’t until the lovely young Ashley enters his life that Peter makes a fateful decision — one that rekindles old desires that have always ended in murder.

Source: Deadline via Tom Holland Terror Time

Okay for Luke Macfarlane playing a psycho killer (he was great in Person Of Interest), but horror movie? I hope it's not a (very) bloody movie, because bloody movies can be very bad.. :p We'll see............... ;)
And Michael Madsen :)
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SPACE Renews Killjoys For Season 3
By Greg David - September 1, 2016

From Bell Media release:

– Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, and Luke Macfarlane return to star as the Quad’s favourite interplanetary bounty hunters –
– Production begins this winter in Toronto –
– Season 2 finale airs tomorrow night at 9 p.m. ET –

A day before the Season 2 finale and hours before a cast appearance at Canada’s largest genre convention Fan Expo, Space confirmed today that it has renewed its most-watched original series ever, KILLJOYS, committing to an additional 10, one-hour episodes. Season 3 begins production in Toronto this winter, and is expected to debut as part of Space’s popular summer lineup in 2017.

Created by showrunner Michelle Lovretta and produced by Temple Street in association with Space and Syfy, KILLJOYS follows a trio of reclamation agents – or “Killjoys” – as they get pulled further into political turmoil and the deepening mystery surrounding the Quad system, despite their vow to never take sides. Season 3 of the genre series sees the return of Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, a stout-hearted bounty hunter with a fierce dedication to her Killjoy family, and on a quest to solve the mystery of her own identity; Aaron Ashmore as her loyal partner John, the witty tech wizard with a vulnerable heart; and Luke Macfarlane as D’Avin, a born soldier who’s tactical skills and loyalty are as strong as his jawline.

Tonight at FAN EXPO in Toronto, Space presents a special advance screening of the KILLJOYS Season 2 finale at 6:30 p.m. ET in the John Bassett Theatre. Immediately following the screening, INNERSPACE hosts Ajay Fry, Teddy Wilson, and Morgan Hoffman moderate a jam-packed KILLJOYS panel with star Aaron Ashmore, cast mates Sarah Power, Rob Stewart, Thom Allison, Morgan Kelly, and Tamsen McDonough, along with showrunner Michelle Lovretta. Fans with a valid FAN EXPO pass or tickets for Thursday night have access to the panel. Admittance is first come first served. For more info on acquiring FAN EXPO tickets and passes, click here.

Season 2 of KILLJOYS on July 1 debuted with an impressive audience of 444,000, a 12% increase from Season 1. Throughout its Season 2 run, the series has reached nearly 1.1 million viewers each week and more than 3.1 million to viewers to date.

Season 1 of KILLJOYS is available now on CraveTVTM.

In the Season 2 finale of KILLJOYS “How to Kill Friends and Influence People,” (Friday, Sept. 2 at 9 p.m. ET on Space), the Killjoys and an old enemy join forces in a desperate bid to thwart Level Six’s plans for The Quad.

KILLJOYS was created by Michelle Lovretta (LOST GIRL, THE SECRET CIRCLE) who also serves as executive producer and showrunner. Executive producers are David Fortier, Ivan Schneeberg, and Karen Troubetzkoy. Universal Cable Productions distributes the series worldwide.

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Killjoys' Luke Macfarlane reflects on D'Avin's growth this season
By Bridget Liszewski - September 1, 2016

Steve Wilkie/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited

Killjoys fans hold onto your hats and strap in because things are about to get even more crazy as we head towards the Season 2 finale this Friday at 9 p.m. ET on Space and Syfy. After a shocking penultimate episode last week that saw the unexpected and tragic loss of Pawter (Sarah Power), the Killjoys will turn their attention back to Khlyen (Rob Stewart) and figuring out the mystery behind Dutch’s (Hannah John-Kamen) double Aneela. Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) will once again join Dutch and his brother D’Avin (Luke Macfarlane) as they attempt to stop the Level Six’s plans for the Quad.

In order to help prepare ourselves for what’s sure to be an explosive season finale, The TV Junkies chatted exclusively with Macfarlane about what we can expect from the episode. He also spoke to the changing dynamics we’ve seen between Dutch and D’Avin this year and some of his favorite moments from a season where he got to show off his comedic talents on more than one occasion.

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Source: The TV Junkies
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Next Warrant: How to Kill Friends and Influence People - EP 2.10

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Sneak Peek

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